“Ledger Guard has given me confidence in conducting my business with new and existing clients with regard to the contractual obligations of terms and conditions of trade. As a builder, the assumption that a client can pay when they feel like it, imposes financial stress and cashflow interruptions which is not reasonable. The full portfolio of contracts offered to my business was customised to suit my operations.  I sent my first commercial building contract to a client who responded to me “Gee Mate, that’s a full-on contract. I thought you were a small builder.” Proof that this was recognised by a commercial contract administrator gives me confidence in the documentation I am forwarding to clients. I have since recommended Ledger Guard to all my contractors. Thanks Ledger Guard!!” — 

Alwin Fung – Owner, Urbanbuild Co

“We had no concerns about handing over a debt to Ledger Guard that was proving hard to collect and was 7 months old. The procedure from our perspective was hassle free and we were kept up to date with the progress. There were no grey areas. The full amount of the debt was recovered including interest.”

Merryl Mears, Administration Manager, Cooper’s Joinery Pty Ltd

“I was very fortunate to have ledger Guard referred to me at the Conception stage of our business and can say that if all of my investments prove as successful as my investment in Ledger guard then I will be a very happy man. Larry and his team are real-world people with real-world solutions to real-world problems. It was the Credit Application and associated Directors Guarantee created by Larry and his team that has without doubt rescued me from what would have been a $20,000.00 bad debt write off. I cannot recommend Ledger Guard highly enough. If you are in business and don’t already have Credit Control Documents then you need them. If you are considering the services of Ledger guard stop considering and start protecting your business now.” 

Shane Marr, Logistics Alliance 

“Being an automotive workshop there are so many rules, regulations and licences you have to have. One major issue with the automotive servicing industry is Terms and Conditions which we know a lot of other workshops simply do not have.

It gives a clearer understanding to the customer and is also very professional. A meeting with Larry from Ledgerguard was such a pleasure and opened our eyes up to so many different aspects. As well as the Terms and Conditions, Larry and the team at Ledgerguard provided us with Booking Sheets and our Credit Applications.

The most prized document which we believe is priceless is our Terms and Conditions. Larry explained each and every term in detail so we understand it fully. We would recommend Ledgerguard very highly and they have given us peace of mind.

If you are hesitant, don’t be. Ledgerguard is such a friendly company only helping you stay safe in your business. We haven’t experienced the Debt Collection side of this company (and I hope we never do) but, if we do, we know that Ledgerguard is there to help us.”

Danny & Fiona Johnston, Platinum Automotive Solutions. Repco Authorised Service Centre

“I needed credit account forms and terms and conditions of trade for a new business I started in 2014. My accountant recommended Ledger Guard. They drafted the documents I wanted and the results have been good. I always get Ledger Guard to do a credit report before I open credit accounts for customers. This has become my primary procedure for managing credit risk. Dealing with Geraldine is helpful and easy with the reports emailed to me the same day.”

Stephen Howland, Director Nutrifoss Australia Pty Ltd.

“Ledger Guard’s services are an absolute must for any business wanting to limit their exposure to non paying debtors. By utilising their well written Terms and Conditions of Engagement, I feel a lot more confident in the administrative and structural process of taking on jobs and new clients.”

Michelle Jansen, Cybecom Pty Ltd

“Ledger Guard helped me tighten my Terms of Service document and create a Credit Account Application form for my business. It was done professionally, promptly and at a very reasonable cost”

Gina Lofaro, The Word Mistress

“As a practice we went through a process of reviewing and tightening up our payment and credit Terms and Conditions with an outfit called Ledger Guard. We felt Ledger Guard’s service was extremely professional and their price point offered value for money.”

Brad Peters Registered Tax Agent Partner, Affinitas Accounting.