Ledger Guard

Are overdue accounts a problem for your business?
Are you fed up with spending time on debt collection?

Ledger Guard will help you get paid on time, in full for every invoice.

We are an Australian owned debt collection agency based in Brisbane. Our Queensland credit consultants can offer you cost effective debt recovery and more.

When you need:

  • Comprehensive Terms of Trade Documentation
  • Credit Consultancy
  • Credit Reporting
  • Commercial Debt Collection
  • Legal support

Ledger Guard has the credit management solutions for you.

We guarantee a totally professional and personalised service.

Best of all, it’s easy. We can come to you to discuss your needs.


Protecting Your Business
Did you know?
No Bankruptcy Action Over Debts Under $10,000

The Federal Government is proposing changes to the Bankruptcy Act which will mean creditors won't be able to take bankruptcy action against debtors who owe them less than $10,000. Currently the minimum debt is $2,000.

If you supply goods or services to consumers, sole traders or partnership entities you will need to be very careful when extending credit as this change to personal bankruptcy will limit your enforcement options.

Read the Courier Mail article " Creditors Get Debt Raw Deal"

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