You’re not in business for love. When customers are slow to pay, your own day-to-day cash flow becomes a nightmare, so it’s critical that all accounts receivables are settled with minimal delay. The longer it takes to retrieve a debt, the more difficult it becomes to do so.

As a Ledger Guard client, you benefit from our reputation for acting with urgency and for being professional and tenacious.

Why Ledger Guard?

Since 2004, Ledger Guard has provided debt collection services to hundreds of small — medium sized businesses, saving them untold numbers of hours and disheartening frustration.

Debt collection … it’s nothing personal

When it comes to debt collection, it can be hard not to become emotionally attached and remain cool, calm and collected. Ledger Guard relieves you of the dread and nasty burden of chasing up bad debts. Hand your worries over to us.

Due diligence every step of the way

Creditors — just like licensed debt collectors – must be fully aware of and follow the ACCC debt collection guidelines so they don’t break the law. Ledger Guard will act conscientiously and within the law at all times to ensure your problems are not compounded.

Specific solutions based on your debtor’s ability to pay

In order to achieve the most favourable outcome, it is often necessary to customise a debt collection strategy that accommodates the debtor’s own cash flow problems. Ledger Guard will implement and formalise a manageable payment arrangement and attach legal Terms and Conditions that will protect you if the debtor ultimately defaults.

We’ll get your bills ahead of the payment queue

We have the systems in place to consistently follow up all payment promises so your account is foremost in your debtor’s mind.

What you can expect

We are a small, hands-on, owner-operator business specialising in debt collection and debt prevention.

We do things differently from the big collection agencies:

  • Our debt collection service is tailored to what you want and what the debt situation requires.
  • We handle all calls and correspondence to debtors on an individual basis.
  • We treat your debtor firmly but with respect, so there is a good chance you will maintain their business if you want to.
  • We abide by the debt collection guidelines set out by the ACCC.
  • We update you by phone or email on a weekly basis, or more frequently if there is something to report.
  • We direct your debtor to pay you directly, not via our bank account, so you are paid sooner.
  • We limit our service to debt collection. This is what we do best and if we aren’t successful, we don’t earn any commission, so there is a big incentive to work hard on your behalf.
  • We show you better ways to manage your debtors so they pay on time.

What we don’t do

  • use automated collection software
  • buy debtor ledgers
  • generate standard letters to debtors
  • use automated responses to debtors
  • proceed to legal action

“We had no concerns about handing over a debt to Ledger Guard that was proving hard to collect and was 7 months old. The procedure from our perspective was hassle free and we were kept up to date with the progress. There were no grey areas. The full amount of the debt was recovered including interest.”

Merryl Mears, Administration Manager, Cooper’s Joinery Pty Ltd

Ledger Guard’s 5 star difference



Our 14 years of experience in debt collection have earned us thorough knowledge of the legislation and effective debt recovery strategies


We will tailor a solution to suit your specific business.


Our highly professional approach is designed to be an extension of your business so that debt collection doesn’t reflect negatively on any ongoing relationships you have with customers.


We always focus on a civilised outcome and never deploy heavy-handed (and illegal) tactics such as threats.


We are tenacious and persistent however small or large the debt, determined to recover your money in the shortest possible time frame.

Ledger Guard provided us with Terms and Conditions that were appropriate and relevant to our business.

The implementation of these terms and conditions has been crucial in ensuring that we had sufficient documentation to ensure that we were able to receive monies owed to us.

Not only did Larry and Geraldine provide us with the terms and conditions but once action was required they handled all communication with the debtor. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ledger Guard for the preparation of any businesses terms and conditions and also for the debt recovery services.

We can rescue your bottom line

Don’t lie awake at night worrying about overdue accounts and how they affect your ability to pay your own bills.

Hand your debts to Ledger Guard for collection.

Email us below or call Larry on 0439 630 722 or 07 3630 2533

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