Why trust LedGer Guard with your business?

We have been providing Terms of Trade, Debt Collection and Credit Management services for 14 + years.

We have helped hundreds of small-medium sized Australian businesses reduce their risk.

Ledger Guard doesn’t employ or contract anyone to sell its products and services. Larry Brownson, will work directly with you one-on-one from start to finish.

Our Story


Larry Brownson established Ledger Guard in 2004 to help business owners in the small to medium business sector avoid debtor problems and manage their cash flow.

After experiencing issues with debtors in a previous business, he took a look at how large successful businesses protected themselves. What he learned was that he should have had signed agreements including terms and conditions in place for all his customers, no exceptions.

Working in debtor management and debt collection further convinced Larry that every business, no matter how small, should focus on protecting themselves at the front end to avoid costly problems further down the track.

Ledger Guard offers debt collection to clients, but Larry’s focus has always been on helping businesses reduce the risk of slow payers and bad debt by introducing practical debt prevention strategies. Our strategies will also reduce misunderstandings and disputes that stand in the way of prompt payments.

“I firmly believe that prevention is better than the cure in every situation especially where it relates to customer issues.”

Free review of your
Terms & Conditions

Want to see if your terms and conditions are up to scratch? Send us a copy of your terms and we’ll provide an obigation free assessment.

To request a free review or discuss your customer documents, email us below or call Larry on 0439 630 722 or 07 3630 2533

6 + 5 =

“I was very fortunate to have Ledger Guard referred to me at the Conception stage of our business and can say that if all of my investments prove as successful as my investment in Ledger Guard then I will be a very happy man. Larry and his team are real-world people with real-world solutions to real-world problems. It was the Credit Application and associated Directors Guarantee created by Larry and his team that has without doubt rescued me from what would have been a $20,000.00 bad debt write off. I cannot recommend Ledger Guard highly enough. If you are in business and don’t already have Credit Control Documents then you need them. If you are considering the services of Ledger Guard stop considering and start protecting your business now.”

Shane Marr, Logistics Alliance